Dampier Peninsular and Cape Leveque

Willie Creek Pearl Farm
Willie Creek Pearl Farm

North of Broome, the Dampier Peninsular has stunning white sand beaches, sparkling blue water and red rock formations along the coastline.

If you love pristine beaches, camping and fishing then the Dampier Peninsular isĀ  great destination. The road can be rough in parts, but anyone can drive it. We have included more details about the Cape Leveque Road below.

The Manari Road Beaches and Coast

The first turn-off is Manari Road, not far from the start of the Cape Leveque Road. Manari Road leads to Willie Creek, Quondong, James Price Point and Coloumb Point.

At the first stop, Willie Creek Pearl Farm, pearl tours are popular – you can visit the pearl farms in a boat and leanr about the pearling process. Of course, there is also a gallery and showroom where you can buy jewellery.

Do not swim near Willie Creek – there are resident saltwater crocodiles here!

Sand patterns at Willie Creek
Sand patterns at Willie Creek

Heading north from here along Manari Road, there are numerous side tracks which lead to the coast and you can camp for free at various bush camping sites.

Barred Creek is a huge long expanse of sand with excellent swimming and scattered campsites. Heading further north, you will find plenty of campsites at Quondong, James Price Point and Coloumb Point. If you love the beach, fishing and camping in a pristine environment then you will love it here.

The Manari Road beaches are much closer to Broome than Cape Leveque and are popular as quick camping trips for Broome residents.

Camping is free at all of these campsites, but you are asked to only stay 3 nights.

James Price Point is also the site of a controversial oil and gas mining development.


Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque is spectacular with white sand beaches fringed by stunning red cliffs.

The most famous destination is Kooljaman eco-resort, but there are many other attractions along this 200km road. All of the camping and accommodation facilites are run by local Aborginal communities, and the Dampier Peninsular is an excellent place to interact and learn about traditional Aboriginal culture.

Pristine and isolated beaches on the Dampier Peninsular
Pristine and isolated beaches on the Dampier Peninsular

110km from the start of the road, Beagle Bay is famous for an extraordinary church. Built in 1918 it features a beautiful mother-of-pearl altar and the inside of the church has been completely decorated with shells. There is a small shop here.

Another 50km further on, Middle Lagoon is a quiet alternative to Kooljaman. There is camping right on the beach here, and great swimming, snorkeling and fishing.

Further north, Lombadina and Chile Creek also have camping and access to some beautiful and isolated beaches.

Kooljaman eco-resort at Cape Leveque is the most developed of the Aboriginal communities, with campsites and a range of upmarket safari tents. There is a restaurant and bar here too.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm is located right at the top of the Dampier Peninsular. Pearling tours and a showroom are onsite, as well as luxury accommodation and dining options.


Getting There and Road Conditions

Access is by 4WD only, along the 200km gravel Cape Leveque Road. The turn-off to the Cape Leveque Road is 9km inland from Broome, along the great Northern Highway.

The road is graded at various times during the dry season. If it hasn’t been graded in a while it can get corrugated, and after heavy rains it can flood and get extremely muddy.

The Cape Leveque road
The Cape Leveque road

Don’t worry too much about the road – for the most part it is an easy drive, just uncomfortable if there are corrugations.

The Broome Visitor Center will be able to advise of the latest road conditions, and you can check the latest road condition report online here – http://www.broome.wa.gov.au/roads.htm


Can I tow a Caravan on the Cape Leveque Road?

You can take your caravan on the Cape Leveque Road, but be aware that the road can be rough, sandy and corrugated in parts.

Depending on the condition of the road it may not be suitable for standard caravans. Single axle off-road caravans and camper trailers should have no problems.

You cannot bring your caravan into Kooljaman, but you can stay at Middle Lagoon with a caravan.


Can I bring my dog?

No dogs or pets are allowed on the Cape Leveque Road or campsites.


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