Bell Gorge and Lennard Gorge

Magnificent Bell Gorge
Magnificent Bell Gorge

The King Leopold National Park is home to Bell and Lennard Gorges, two of the Gibb River Road’s most spectacular gorges.


Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge’s impressive waterfall drops into a deep clear pool, ringed by a horseshoe-shaped orange wall.

It is definitely one of the most dramatic waterfalls and most incredible places to swim along the Gibb River Road. After a swim, there’s a series of sunny and wide rock ledges to relax and warm up on.

You can also swim downstream a few hundred metres to the next waterfall. There’s no access to the bottom, but from the side you can peer over the edge and take a look at the sheer drop and waterfall hitting the huge pool below.


Lennard Gorge

Lennard Gorge is less visited but is one of the most dramatic gorges in the Kimberley.

It’s 8km off the Gibb River Road, and about a 30min walk from the carpark. The track can get overgrown with long grasses, but is easy enough to follow.

From the viewing platform you lookout into a narrow chasm where three streams of waterfall fall into the pool below.

There’s no swimming but the view is incredible.

From the edge of the cliffs you’ll also get to see birds come soaring right out of the bottom of the gorge and up past where you’re sitting.

The spectacular Lennard Gorge
The spectacular Lennard Gorge

Camping at Bell Gorge

The only campsite in the King Leopold Range National Park is at Silent Grove, on the way to Bell Gorge. It is run by the DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation).

Camping costs $11 a night for adults and national park entry fees apply. There’s plenty of running water at the campground and also hot showers.

On our last visit the ranger had also set-up a Book Swap box at the shower block.


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