Galvans Gorge and Adcock Gorge

Galvans Gorge
Galvans Gorge

Galvans Gorge

Close to Mt Barnett, Galvans Gorge is a pretty little pool with a thin multi-tiered waterfall.

Look up to the top of the waterfall and you’ll see a big fat boab tree, which is pretty unique. There’s also a rope swing from one of the overhanging snappy gum trees.

Galvan’s Gorge is only a short walk from the roadside carpark and it’s well worth checking out for a refreshing swim. The walk is nice and easy – unlike some of the longer walks to visit the Gibb River waterfalls and attractions.


Adcock Gorge

Adcock Gorge
Adcock Gorge

Close to Galvans Gorge and not far from the Old Mornington turnoff, Adcock Gorge is down a bumpy track about 5km from the Gibb River Road.

About 4km into the track a fork in the road will force you to choose between a right and left turn. The track to the right looks well used and in better condition, but you want to take the track to the left. Follow this for a kilometre. You’ll cross a small creek before reaching the parking are. The waterfall and swimming hole are close to the carpark.

It’s a pretty and secluded spot which doesn’t get as many visitors as some of the other gorges.



There is no camping at either Galvans or Adcock Gorge. The nearest camping area is at Manning Gorge.

Depending on which direction you are travelling to, other camping and accommodations are Charnley River Station, Old Mornington and Silent Grove.


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