The Pentecost River and Cockburn Range

The Cockburn Ranges between El Questro and Home Valley
The Cockburn Ranges between El Questro and Home Valley

The Pentecost River crossing and views of the nearby Cockburn Range are iconic and memorable parts of a trip along the Gibb River Road.

Both are located mid-way between Home Valley Station and El Questro.


Crossing the Pentecost River

Pretty much everyone who has researched a Kimberley trip has heard about the Pentecost River crossing and it’s potential hazards. The water level can be deep, the crossing is long and saltwater crocodiles inhabit the river.

But for most of the dry season the crossing is not at all difficult and there is little to worry about. Once the water level has dropped from the wet season, driving across the Pentecost is pretty straightforward.

Crossing the Pentecost River
Crossing the Pentecost River

The bottom is solid and consists of round river stones, and there are posts which clearly mark the route.
•    Up to date information about the Pentecost River water level is available at Home Valley Station and El Questro
•    The Main Roads website also has up-to-date information about the Gibb River Road conditions
•    The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley also has a downloadable road conditions report

Please visit our Road Conditions page for a full list of resources, links and more detailed information.


The Cockburn Range

The Cockburn Range is a magnificent sandstone escarpment that rises 600m above the surrounding plains. It dominates the landscape along this stretch of the Gibb River Road.

The south western half is visible from the Gibb River Road and is particularly spectacular at sunset, when the western face is lit up in red glow.

Kimberley sunset at the Cockburn Ranges
Kimberley sunset at the Cockburn Ranges

Camping near the Pentecost River

There are a number of bush camps near the Pentecost River. Not that many people choose to stay the night here, and instead continue on to nearby Home Vally Station or El Questro.

But if you want some peace and quiet, there are some good sites on the eastern side of the Pentecost River crossing. If you arrive here in the late afternoon you’ll also be treated to some amazing views of the Cockburn Range at sunset.

Just make sure to take all your rubbish with you and not to leave any fires unattended!

Also, there are saltwater crocodiles in the Pentecost River. Make sure you camp well away from the water (preferably on the other side of the hill).


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