Visiting Karijini – Climate and the Best Time to Visit

The moon rising over Dales Gorge
The moon rising over Dales Gorge

For the semi-adventurous, Karijini is pretty much a playground for adults. Walk, jump, climb and swim through the many trails and try not to let your head explode from the impossible beauty of it all.

Climate and the Best Time to Visit

The late autumn, winter months and early spring months are the most pleasant time to visit, with clear warm days providing a respite from the chills across the south of Australia. The nights can get cold.

Summer is usually unbearably hot, with temperatures soaring above 40°C. Summer is also the wet season in this part of the country. The rivers are full and flow spectacularly with the rainfall from thunderstorms and cyclones, and this can hinder access. There will be so much water flowing through the gorges that you won’t be able to walk through them at all!

A guide to temperatures throughout the year is (given in degrees Celsius):

  • January. Average max. of 39 and min. of 26
  • April. Average max. of 33 and min. of 21
  • July. Average max. of 24 and min. of 11
  • October. Average max. of 35 and min. of 20

During the winter months of June, July and August make sure that that you bring warm clothing for the nights, especially if you have children!

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