Helicopter Scenic Flights in the Bungle Bungles

Picaninny Creek
Picaninny Creek from the air

Scenic helicopter flights are available from the Bellburn airfield, near the Piccaninny Creek day use area.

The flights are offered by Helispirit and if your budget can afford it they are highly recommended!

The Bungle Bungles are spectacular from any vantage point, but from the air you can fully appreciate the scale of the area and get some amazing views of the beehive domes, gorges and the rugged landscapes. You also get to see hidden areas that are inaccessible from the land.

From outside the park, scenic flights in helicopters and light aircraft are available from the Bungle Bungles Caravan Park on Mabel Downs Station, and also from Warnum Roadhouse and Kununurra.

Prices start at around $250 for the shorter flights. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and pretty much everyone leaves with a massive smile on their face!

Bungle Bungles scenic flight
Bungle Bungles scenic flight
Helicopter Flight, Bungle Bungles
Helicopter Flight, Bungle Bungles

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