The Bungle Bungles – Purnululu National Park

Picaninny Creek
Picaninny Creek

Purnululu National Park is home to the distinctive red and black striped domes of the Bungle Bungle Range. The maze of dramatically shaped rock formations is unlike anywhere else in the world.

The landscapes and rock formations are absolutely spectacular, and a visit here is an essential part of any trip to the Kimberleys.

Now part of the World Heritage list, the Bungle Bungles were only officially ‘discovered’ during the 1980s. Since then the area has become internationally famous and the Purnululu National Park was established in 1987.


Exploring the Bungle Bungles

Home to spectacular beehive domes and gorges, the Bungle Bungles is home to some of Australia’s most incredible landscapes.

A series of well marked national park walking trails makes it easy to explore the Bungles. The most well known attractions are Picaninny CReek, Cathedral Gorge and Echnida Chasm, but there is also much more to see and explore.

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Sunset lookout, Bungle Bungles
Sunset lookout, Bungle Bungles

Visiting the Bungle Bungles

Purnululu National Park is only open during the dry season months from April-November (weather permitting).

The access road opens each year around mid-April, depending on water levels in the creek crossings and the condition of the road.

Read more about visiting the Bungle Bungles during the dry season – Visiting the Bungle Bungles


Getting to the Bungle Bungles

The turn off to the Bungle Bungles is about 250km from Kununurra and 100km from Halls Creek. Once off the highway, it is 53km along the Spring Creek track to the national park entrance.

You will need a 4WD to visit the Bungle Bungles, and only single-axle offroad caravans are allowed into the national park.

We’ve included comprehensive information about roads and access here

Bungle Bungles Creek Crossing
Bungle Bungles Creek Crossing

Camping and Accommodation

There are two public campgrounds in the Bungle Bungles – both are run by the Department of Environment and Conservation.

There is also a private campground near Bellburn Airfield – these are managed by APT and East Kimberley Tours. Just outside of the national park, there is also a privately run caravan park.

Click here for more information about camping options at the Bungles – Camping and Accommodation


Helicopter Scenic Flights

The Bungle Bungles are spectacular from any vantage point, but from the air you can fully appreciate the scale of the area and get some amazing views of the beehive domes, gorges and the rugged landscapes.

You also get to see hidden areas that are inaccessible from the land. Scenic helicopter flights are available from the Bellburn airfield, near the Piccaninny Creek day use area.

Photos and Scenic Helicopter Flight Info

Bungle Bungles Scenic Flight
Bungle Bungles Scenic Flight

History and Geology

Have you ever wondered who discovered the Bungle Bungles, and how the amazing rock formations were formed?

Virtually every visitor to the Bungle Bungles asks the same question – how did this remarkable landscape come about?

Read about the history and geology of the Bungle Bungles here


    • Definitely – the chopper ride over the Bungles is incredible. For my money it’s one of the highlights of the Kimberley! You get a whole new perspective and understanding of how massive the area of the Bungles is.

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