Gibb River Road Phones and Communication

Mobile phone reception, public telephones and internet access is extremely limited on the Gibb River Road.

The Gibb River Road traverses an extremely remote region in Australia – make sure you understand that you will be out of contact for most of your trip!


Payphone at Home Valley Station
Payphone at Home Valley Station

Mobile Phones

For most of the Gibb River Road there is little to no mobile phone reception.

Kununurra, Derby and Wyndham all have mobile phone coverage in town.

Telstra has the best reception, and Optus, Vodafone and other smaller mobile phone carriers have more limited range.

As you drive away from the town centres though, reception fades away quickly.


Public Telephones

Most stations, roadhouses and some attractions have a Telstra public telephone.

You will need to purchase a phone car to use these phones – often they are available for purchase on site, but if you want to be sure make sure you buy one at the start of your Gibb River Road trip.

Public telephones are available at the following locations:


There is pretty much no internet available for public use on the Gibb River Road.

At the time of writing (July 2014) the only public internet facilities were available at El Questro Station. Internet access costs $10 an hour.

Every station, roadhouse and ranger base in the National Parks has their own private satellite internet access, but they do not offer internet facilities to the general public.

At places where there is mobile phone coverage, you will be able to use mobile broadband through your phone or modem.

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  • i am studying online while i travel round aus. i have bought a signal booster from telstra and have a package with them through a dongle. does snyone have experience with the telstra signal booster in these remote areas? thanks jenny

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