Imintji Roadhouse

Imintji Store
Imintji Store

Imintji Roadhouse has re-opened!

This information is current as of May 2016. It is open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm

Only Diesel fuel is available at Imintji – there is no Unleaded Petrol.

As one of only 2 roadhouses on the Gibb River Road, make sure you have enough fuel and supplies to make it to Mt Barnett Roadhouse (approx 300km away). Please also read our article about Petrol and Diesel on the Gibb River Road for more information about where to re-fuel.

Mid-way between Bell Creek and the Old Mornington road, Imintji Roadhouse is a Gibb River Road landmark.

Imintji is an icon of the Gibb River Road and supplied tourists, local tour operators and the community with diesel fuel. It is also a popular spot for a bite to eat and a drink.

The roadhouse is one of only two on the Gibb River Road – the other roadhouse is at Mt Barnett near Manning Gorge. A third roadhouse, at Drysdale Station is on the Kalumbaru Road, on the way to Mitchell Falls.

The Imintji store is open most days from 9am – 5pm.

Diesel is available to fuel up and there is a range of groceries in the shop. There is no petrol available at Imintji Roadhouse.

They also do some takeaway snacks and great food – the beef burgers and barramundi burgers are highly recommended! There is also a payphone.

Next door to the roadhouse is a mechanical workshop – “Over the Range Mechanical Repairs” which repairs tyres and can help with some mechanical problems.

Imintji Tyre Repair
Imintji Tyre Repair
Old Landcruiser at Imintji Roadhouse
Old Landcruiser at Imintji Roadhouse

From May 2015 – May 2016 the Imintji Roadhouse was closed, due to a dispute between the Aboriginal community and those contracted to run the shop over lease conditions. However it has now been re-opened and is running again.


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Phone: (08) 9191 7471

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  • Good morning,
    On 20th June,2015, approx. 20 cyclists with a self supported vehicle would like to camp with a possibility with some staying in your accommodation at your roadhouse. They would require tea/breakfast. If it made it easier for you they could ring ahead and order. Would you have fresh vegetables and fruit for them to take with them and enough water to fill their containers. Not sure at this stage weather for 1 or 2 nights Any other information you require please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanking you Judith Farnham

  • Hi all,

    Some bad news about Iminth roadhouse….
    Here is part of an article I’ve just received:

    The roadhouse has been closed as a result of a dispute over lease conditions between the Aboriginal community and those contracted to run the shop. The community hopes that another company will eventually re-open the shop, but for now the roadhouse is closed indefinitely.

    If you are travelling from Derby, make sure you have enough fuel and supplies to last you to Mt. Barnett Roadhouse.

    If you are travelling from the Kununurra/Wyndham/El Questro side, make sure you fuel up and stock up at Mt. Barnett to last you to Derby. ”

    Good luck in planning/re-arrangineg your trip!


  • Just letting you know that the Imintji store is closed at the moment. Check the link below, not sure how long, but this is a great tragedy as it was a welcome stop to all travellers, not sure how long it will be closed for, but check the link below and make sure you have enough diesel to get to Mount Barnett or to Derby…imintji-store-wa…/6361358

    Mar 30, 2015 – The Imintji store is located on Gibb River Road, a renowned 660 … The closure of the roadhouse.


  • Hi so it is closed what will it do to reopen the imintji roadhouse to grt it back on track if some one can let me know I may be interested in running it

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