Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungles and Kimberley Tours

Kimberley Wild Truck
Kimberley Wild Truck

Many of our readers contact us to ask about Kimberley tour recommendations. Some people prefer to visit this spectacular part of Australia on a tour – tours are an excellent option if you have limited time and want to make sure you can see as much as you can.

They are also a hassle free way of visiting the Kimberley, and save you a lot of time planning an researching your trip. Tours are also an excellent option for solo travellers and it can be much more fun to join a group of like minded travellers.

We think it is entirely possible to drive the Gibb River Road and explore the Bungle Bungles on a self-drive tour. While a self-drive tour will take more time – both in the planning stage and during your trip – with a little bit of planning it is easily done.

If you are considering a tour because you think self-driving is too hard, dangerous or difficult, please think again. Check out the many resources on this website to help you plan your own adventure! Some useful pages are:


What Will I See on a Kimberley Tour?

Most tour companies offer trips ranging from 7-14 days. They usually depart from Broome, Kununurra or Darwin on fixed dates.

Kimberley and Gibb River adventure tours usually leave from Broome or Kununurra, and there are also more extended options to/from Perth and Darwin. The tour route may be either one-way or loop back to your starting point. They usually leave on fixed dates.


Tour Companies

There are a wide range of Kimberley tours with numerous tour companies and many different trips on offer. The style of tours on offer also varies greatly.

  • Some companies offer more luxurious tours with comfortable deluxe tented accommodation, other are camping and adventure trips.
  • Some companies cater towards younger and more active travellers on a budget, and some tour companies cater for older travellers looking for a more comfortable experience.
  • Some are small group tours.
  • Some allow more time to hike, swim and relax at attractions, while others skim through the main sites at a quicker pace
  • Some tours allow for extended and more demanding hikes.
  • Some tours go to Mitchell Falls.
Luxury tent accommodation in the Kimberley
Luxury tent accommodation in the Kimberley

On the more luxurious tours you can expect to be pampered and well looked after by the staff. On the more basic camping style tours you’ll be expected to help out with daily tasks – such as unloading the truck, collecting wood and building fires, helping with cooking and cleaning, and setting up and packing down your tent.

It’s important to consider what style of tour you’d like to go on, the size of the group and the age of the other travellers – make sure you ask plenty of questions before booking your trip to ensure you join a tour that matches your expectations!

We’ve included a comprehensive list of tour companies below, with links to their websites.


Luxury Tours 
APT Touring Luxurious Kimberley tours. Accommodation is in luxury tents in private lodges, hotels and at Home Valley and El Questro Stations
Kimberley Outback Tours 7 day luxury tours of the Kimberley. All accommodation is in high quality ensuites. Tours depart from Darwin or Broome
Outback Spirit Extended tours of Kimberley taking in Gibb River Road, Micthell Falls and Bngle Bungles. Departures from Broom or Darwin
East Kimberley Tours Tours of the Bungle Bungles departing from Kununurra. Bush camp in Purnululu National Park
Adventure Tours 
Adventure WildOutback Adventure Tours - Bungle Bungles, Gibb River Road, El Questro, Broome & Darwin
Kimberley Adventure Tours Camping tours under the stars, cooking on the campfire and swimming in waterfalls. Tours run from Darwin to Broome and Broome to Darwin
Kimberley Wild

Specialised expeditions for those seeking to experience the real Kimberley. Camping or basic upgrades where available. Tours range from 5-12 days
Kimberley Dreams4WD adventure tours from Darwin, Kununurra or Broome. 10-13 day small group adventure tours
Sacred Earth Safaris11 day Kimberley tours departing from Broome or Darwin. Maximum of 10 passengers


  • You’ve missed out Adventure Wild. 12 day loop from Broome. Small groups 16 max. Camping,muck in,40+ age range. Just back from travelling with them. Highly recommend. Many of the others are now brands of APT I believe.

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