King Edward River Crossing

The King Edward River Crossing at the start of the Mitchell Plateau holds fears for many people.

It is known for being deep and tricky as the route you take is slightly curved. As long as the water level is not too high, the crossing is not too difficult!

But the crossing is pretty straightforward. Don’t worry – if the water level is too high and the river is flowing too fast, it will be shut by national park rangers.

It is a good idea to walk the crossing first to check the depth and water flow. There are no crocodiles and it’s a good excuse for a refreshing swim!

In April/May or just after heavy rain, the crossing can still be deep. By May/June the water level has usually dropped and the water level is fine.

The bottom is solid and formed by large river stones, and the route curves slightly. Approach the water in low-range first or second gear and maintain a constant even speed.

The above video is from a May crossing. One week before this video, heavy rains had meant the crossing was deep and difficult. 7 days later the water level was totally fine and safe.


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