Manning Gorge and Mt Barnett

The beautiful Manning Gorge
The beautiful Manning Gorge

The Mt Barnett roadhouse is the entrance point for visiting Manning Gorge. The campground is a short drive from the roadhouse and the walking trail to Maning Gorge starts from here.

The roadhouse is a well equipped place to stop and treat yourself to a cold drink or an ice-cream.


Manning Gorge

One of the best things about camping here is that there is a fantastic swimming hole right at the campground. There’s no need to go for a long and hot walk – it’s right there for a refreshing dip!

A tinny (small metal dingy) has been set-up on a pulley so you can ferry yourself across the pool if you don’t feel like swimming. It’s also great if you want to keep your gear dry.

Crossing the swimming hole at Manning Gorge campsite
Crossing the swimming hole at Manning Gorge campsite

Manning Gorge itself is an hour long walk from the campsite. There’s not much shade and it can get pretty hot, so many people choose to head off fairly early in the morning. Whatever time you choose to do the walk, you’ll get plenty warm. But there’s great swimming at Manning Gorge and you can also have a cooling dip when you get back to the campsite pool.

The waterfall at Manning Gorge is wide and powerful, and there’s a large deep pool. You can swim right up and under the falls – the freshwater splashing onto your head is nature’s way of washing your hair!



The Manning Gorge campground is run by the Mt Barnett roadhouse. You’ll need to pay the entrance and camping fees at the roadhouse before you head to Manning Gorge.

The campsite is large and shady and there’s plenty of spots. Everyone tends to cluster near the swimming hole, but if you don’t mind a short walk, you can find a nice private area to yourself.


Communication and Fuel

Petrol and diesel is available at the roadhouse.

There is also a pretty good range of groceries and snacks. Bear in mind that you are in a remote area and everything is priced accordingly!

There is a public telephone at the roadhouse for phone calls.


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