Petrol and Diesel – Gibb River Road Service Stations

Diesel on the Gibb River Road
Diesel on the Gibb River Road

Generally, it is not a problem finding fuel on the Gibb River Road. However, only diesel is available everywhere. Unleaded petrol is a bit harder to come by and there is no LPG anywhere on the Gibb River Road.

Service stations are located at Imintji Roadhouse, Mt Barnett Roadhouse and fuel is also available at El Questro. Heading north to Mitchell Falls and Kalumbaru, you can also purchase fuel at the Drysdale River service station. The distances between all of these points are reasonable.

Fuel is also more expensive in this part of the world – but when you stop and think about the remoteness of the location, and the fact that petrol tankers have to drive along the Gibb too, it puts it all into perspective!


Gibb River Road Fuel Supplies

There are two main roadhouses on the Gibb River Road – Imintji Roadhouse and Mt Barnett – as well Drysdale Station on the way to Mitchell Falls and fuel supplies at El Questro too, just in case you can’t make it to Kununurra!


Do I Need Extra Jerrycans?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone’s situation will be slightly different.

You may have long range tanks on your vehicle, or  a more fuel efficient car. There is also no “exact” route that everyone drives, with some travellers taking more detours and exploring more tracks and side attractions than others.

If you have a diesel vehicle with long range tanks, you should be able to comfortably drive the Gibb (and detour to Mitchell Falls) without jerrycans of extra fuel. But if you have an unleaded petrol vehicle, you will probably need to take extra fuel with you, as petrol is harder to come by.

In our opinion it is always a good idea to carry at least 10-20L of spare fuel. It is nice to have that peace of mind, and you never know when you will need it, or need it to help others.


Distances Between Service Stations

For a full list of distances between attractions and accommodation on the Gibb River Road, make sure to view our Gibb River Road Distances

Distance fromDerbyKununurra
Imintji Roadhouse223482
Mt Barnett and Manning Gorge300405
Drysdale Station470353
El Questro junction62481

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