The Gibb River Road

Branco's Lookout
Branco’s Lookout

Remote and sparsely populated, the Gibb River Road traverses the heart of the Kimberley. Spanning 660km from Derby to Wyndham and Kununurra, it is one of Australia’s great outback journeys.

This legendary road trip takes you through ancient landscapes, awesome gorges and incredibly beautiful waterfalls where you can swim in freshwater pools. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery is amazing.

The many stops along the Gibb River Road are what make this journey so incredible. Nearly every station along the way is home to breathtaking gorges, waterfalls and hiking.

The Gibb River Road has a reputation as a tough road that can destroy vehicles, but it is not as difficult as it used to be.

The good news is that anyone can drive it, even if you don’t have any 4WD experience.

Read on and we’ll show you how.


Gibb River Road Gorges and Waterfalls

The many gorges and waterfalls scattered along the Gibb River Road are the reason this is one of Australia’s iconic adventure road trips.

Every station and national park boasts incredible natural features – from El Questro’s sublime Emma Gorge, to the awe-inpsiring Mitchell Falls, the ever popular Bell Gorge and the many others in between. Hiking, exploing and swimming is all part of the fun.

Check out our guide to the Gibb River Road Gorges and Waterfalls

El Questro Gorge
El Questro Gorge

Towing a Caravan in the Kimberley

Can you take a caravan along the Gibb Giver Road? What about up to Mitchell Falls?

We’ve answered all your caravan related questions in our guide to Towing a Caravan in the Kimberley

Towing a caravan on the Gibb River Road
Towing a caravan on the Gibb River Road

Suggested Itineraries

Whether you’re planning a self-drive tour of the Gibb River Road, or a larger tour of the Kimberley, we’ve compiled a sample itinerary which takes into account attractions, road distances and accommodation.

Use our Kimberley Itinerary as a starting point for planning your trip.


Road Conditions and Distances

Please check our comprehensive guide to Road Conditions and Distances in the Kimberley and the Gibb River Road.

This resource page has links to the most up-todate information about road closures and safety.

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Kimberley Tour Companies

For those who would rather visit the Kimberley on a tour, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to companies that offer tours along the Gibb River Road and through the Kimberley.

From luxury pampered trips through to more adventurous tours where you are expected to help out, we have listed all your options here – it’s the best place to start when booking a Kimberley tour.

Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungle and Kimberley Tours


Where are you starting your journey?

We’ve detailed the gorges, attractions and stations in the order you’ll encounter them.

My trip is starting from Kununurra

My trip is starting from Derby


  • Do you need a high clearance 4WD to get to Mornington Reserve (coming from Derby) in the dry season or would you be able to get there in an AWD Subaru Outback?

  • Hi Ian – I would always recommend a “proper” 4WD along the Gibb. Depending on how recently the road has been graded, you might be fine in a Subaru Outback. And even if the road is corrugated, you could still get to Mornington if you drove slowly, carefully, and didn’t mind potentially rattling your car to bits!

  • Hi,
    We are planning to drive the Gibb river rd in the first two weeks of May. Is this too much of a risk with the end of the wet season and the road grading? Would love some feedback!

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